The Kemptech Story

Kemptech Computers was formed in October 1995 as a small computer services company in Kemp Newman's home.  For the first few months, Kemp concentrated on soliciting new customers, and performing jobs for the new customers.  Being new to the industry, much time was devoted to training and gaining experience

Kemptech was very fortunate to obtain several customers in it's first few months.  The Liberty Independent School District was one of the first large customers to award us with their business.  The jobs these first customers awarded to us were instrumental to Kemptech's growth.  It became apparent the company was getting to big to be run from a home office.

In March 1996, Kemptech Computers opened it's first retail storefront located at 440 Main Street in Liberty Texas.  An Office Manager, Joyce Dean, was hired to handle the store while Kemp Newman was working on outside calls.  This arrangement worked very well and we continued to add new customers and satisfy their needs.  Soon thereafter, two additional technicians were hired to help with the work load generated by these new customers.  Business was great, but we were outgrowing this location as well.

In April 1997, Kemptech Computers moved it's operations to 2032 Sam Houston Avenue in Liberty, Texas.  Our new location was within 2 blocks of our previous location.  The new location gave us everything we were lacking in the previous location; customer parking, lack of interior space, and an increased public presence. 

In June 2003 Kemptech changed it's direction.  The industry had changed direction. Very few residential customers were having computers repaired, computers were inexpensive enough to simply replace when they had major problems.  Kemptech closed it's location at 2032 Sam Houston and moved all operations to an office located on the Linda-Kay Ranch between Liberty and Hardin.  Kemptech continues to provide Commercial Onsite and In-House Service as well as limited consumer services.

Our success has been directly related to the way we do business.  We are a family owned and run business.  Our customers have made our success possible, and we will never forget that without them we would not exist.  We take the time to know our customers personally, you'll never have a "Customer Number" when dealing with Kemptech.  We do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer, they're the reason we're here.

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